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  Susu, Group Susu, Work & Pay and express Susu. Local Money Transfer (Mobile Money Transfers) Investment.     Selling of Lands, Renting of Houses, Offices, Property Management and Selling of Houses.     Haulage, Rentals, Transport for Companies and Car Susu.     Installation and Maintenance of Solar Panels, Sale of Solar Gadgets.  

The susu enables the susu contributor to obtain credit facility to the tune of threefold the amount contributed within three months.
The susu beneficiary has six to twelve months (based on the agreed duration with us) to settle any outstanding balance due the bank
through the agreed contribution. The amount contributed by the loan beneficiary prior to the disbursement of the loan ie one third of the susu
amount serves as a lien on the susu facility. After the susu has been settled, the client is able to access a new facility based on the lien
without having to start fresh contribution.

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